Payments are a vital part of any successful business

An incredible product, with insatiable demand, even at the perfect price point
is worthless without a perfect payment solution. Fibonatix specializes in providing
perfect solutions for online businesses worldwide.
Initially a consultancy, in 2013 we evolved to become a Payment Services Provider (PSP)
offering an unparalleled customer experience to clients across a wide variety of industries.
Much like our name, our history is a sequence of ever-increasing numbers, the success
of which can be measured by our consistently growing client portfolio,
processing volumes and partnerships.


Perfection is a way of life

The potential to achieve perfection is everywhere, in every single task,
challenge, process or interaction. To uncover it is what we see as our way
of doing business. A continual pursuit to shed conceptions such as “almost”,
“passable”, and “OK”. To have no middle ground, no “nearly” or “just quite”,
to see the world as either black or white, 0 or 1, to never settle
for or be satisfied by anything less than perfect.